Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pansies & Fethers!

Pansies & Feathers!!!

The last of a group of six quilts brought to me for completion!  Yay!  This simple customer quilt is so cute and gorgeous with the addition of the appliquéd pansies in the main area and the butterfly in the top right corner.

Two instructions were given:  all over quilting in the middle with pansies and feathers and do what you need to make the appliqués pop and become more interesting, but not too much.  

Once the quilt was sandwiched with Warm and Natural batting supplied by my customer, I began stitching in the center and working toward each appliqué piece to surround each with hidden stitching.  The tiny bit of texture inside the appliqué pieces was added once the entire quilt was completed.

Swirls and leaves were used as the means to accomplish the all over quilting using a white (you got it!) 50 weight cotton Aurifil thread.

The gorgeous batik border was quilted in a soft pastel pink (you got it!) 50 weight cotton Aurfil thread with simple pansy feathers.  

More often than not, I forget to photography the backing.  This one was done in a soft pastel yellow and turned out so pretty that I managed to remember to grab some pictures.

I love how this quilt finished; it is quite stunning in person.  It has a good bit of back tracking but the Aurifil is so nice in that the 50 weight lays lovely and does not create build up. 

If you enjoy free motion quilting or would like to start, leave me a comment if you are interested in design tutorials or simple stitches to start with for future posts.

I hope you enjoyed Pansies and Feathers!  Have a great quilty weekend!