Friday, July 29, 2016

Vintage Farmhouse Customer Quilt


My awesome customer, Linda, brought this Lori Holt pattern to me for quilting and I absolutely love it!  She did a fantastic job with the fabric selections and is thinking about entering it in the county fair; it should fit great!

Linda requested that the quilting be very simple and mainly accent the blocks.  Perfect!  It's hard to see the quilting on the blocks but I picked out the ones that stood out and hopefully you will enjoy them.  You can see things better by enlarging the screen on your computer.

As you can see in some of the blocks we went with leaves and swirls throughout the sashing but in a soft yellow.  The blocks were quilted in white and, of course, both threads were Aurifil 50 weight cotton.

And finally, the border.  Linda came up with the general idea of this design and I absolutely love it!  Makes me think of old fashioned mending on blue jeans!

I would love to piece even a couple of blocks from this pattern.  So cute!    I hope you enjoyed Linda's Vintage Farm Girl Quilt!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Another Dragonfly Quilt!

Love this finished customer quilt!

Although different sizes, it is the same pattern as the finished customer quilt from a few months ago.

It is amazing how the same quilt can turn out so different.  The direction on the second quilt just finished was that it be completely different and present the viewer with the image of a flower garden.  Both of these quilts will be displayed at the local quilt guild show in August.

OK!  Time to draw on a photo of the quilt again.  This quilt would not have ruler work but definitely stretched my imagination.  The major seams were stitched in the ditch and since we were not going to do the dense background quilting, each dragonfly was stitched around in order to give the three dimensional effect.  We did use double batting (50/50 bamboo/cotton) and a white Aurifil 50 weight thread.  

In the center of each  cluster of dragonflies that faced each other. was a different bouquet of flowers  

There were six areas like this but we chose to do daisies twice, on alternating sides and locations.

Rose Buds

Key to the success of the quilting was that the flowers weaved into other areas just slightly so the design did not look too structured.


For the most part, the flowers mimicked real flowers.


Forgive me if these flowers / blossoms stretch your imagination!


In the area on the side of the flowers sets, we highlighted specific flowers.  At the top and bottom of the quilt is what I call a squash blossom vine.

On the sides were another squash blossom.....

a rose.....

and a flower I made up with heart leaves.

In two opposing corners were hummingbirds

And in the other two:  bluebells! 

 The outside border was a continuous vine, consisting of a lovely feather with leaves in each corner, moving into daisies, leaves and swirls

This quilt was good for the soul and a joy to quilt!  Flowers always seem to bring joy, comfort and relaxation.

Hope you enjoyed Another Dragonfly Quilt

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